First Metro Series

First® Metro Series is a stylish range of heavy duty windows and doors that creates a cohesive and contemporary design.

Developed for parts of New Zealand that are more susceptible to harsher climates and demanding environments, the First® Metro Series offers toughness and durability.

Frames and profiles feature clean, flat surfaces for a modern appearance. First® Metro Series has been designed to provide an uncluttered minimalist aesthetic.

Metro Series Logo

  • Contemporary design approach - clean flat surfaces for a modern appearance
  • Larger sizes possible
  • Wide product range
  • Flush frame windows for seamless look
  • Sliding doors minimalist sill design for superior performance and aesthetics
  • Layback bi-folds available for minimum projection to decks
  • ThermalHEART technology option - thermally efficient windows and doors to minimise cold and heat transfer