Glass Options

Choosing the right glazing is crucial when designing your aluminum windows and doors. Glass can enhance the way your home looks and feels, while also adding to the warmth and thermal efficiency of your home.

Our glass is sourced from AGP (Architectural Glass Products), a sister company to our primary suppliers at APL. The AGP System® is AGP’s high-performance insulated glazing system that contributes to promising high-quality windows and doors for warmer, drier, and healthier homes.

Within The AGP System®, we offer two high-performance Low-E options designed to reduce UV, minimize heat loss, and enhance year-round comfort: Solux-E® and Solux Ultra™. These options meet the standards of low-emissivity glass required for new builds under clause H1 Energy Efficiency of the NZBC.


The AGP System®

Industry-leading double glazing with argon gas designed to deliver the ultimate thermal performance while complying with the NZBC’s highest R-value standards.

What is The AGP System®?

Solux-E® and Solux Ultra™

Both low emissivity (Low-E) glass coating options are virtually invisible and applied to the inside surface of the exterior glass pane, protecting it from the elements. Both options improve the level of insulation of the home by reflecting the heat back to the inside, reducing winter heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during the summer, helping to limit overheating. 

Argon gas

Argon windows include an invisible inert gas used as an insulator to create an additional barrier to prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, improving thermal performance. 

ATS – Architectural Thermal Spacer®

A thermally improved, warm-edge spacer that bonds the two glass panes of your aluminium double-glazed windows and doors and creates an airtight bond to ensure the best gas retention of argon gas used in The AGP System®. 

Bonded to glass and secondary sealant

A continually evolving formulation used to ensure durable bonding between glass panes. This creates an airtight seal for the space between panes, providing additional protection for the primary seal. 


Year-round comfort and energy savings.

Solux-E® has a low emissivity (Low-E) coating applied to the glass, which is virtually invisible. The Solux-E® coating reflects the heat back to the inside, reducing winter heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during summer, helping to limit overheating.

What are the benefits?

Year-round comfort

Solux-E® works hard to minimise heat flow allowing you to stay warmer through winter and cooler through summer. You'll have less warm air escaping in the winter and less heat entering through the glass in summer without the need to use tinted glass, also known as Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). 

Smaller energy bills

A more constant temperature means less energy used to heat and cool the home, providing energy savings year-round. Reduced energy consumption puts less demand on New Zealand’s power grid, reducing the environmental footprint.

Protects against fading

Solux-E® reduces the amount of damaging light coming through the glass, reducing fading in soft furnishings and fabrics. 

Maximises natural daylight

Solux-E® provides excellent light transfer and clarity, keeping the view crystal clear and the rooms in the home light and bright. 

Solux Ultra™

The perfect blend of clarity, overheating control and fading protection.

Due to its superior solar control, Solux Ultra™, is the best choice for homeowners wanting to control overheating and is highly recommended for buildings with higher window-to-wall ratio (WWR).

Why choose Solux Ultra™?

Protects against fading

Solux Ultra™ delivers an additional 10%* increase in fading control, protecting your interior furnishings to keep them looking better for longer. 

Controls overheating

Stay comfortable inside with a further 23%* reduction in overheating. High insulation levels and large window areas in modern home design can result in frequent overheating. Solux Ultra™ works hard to let natural light stream in with less heat entering the home, reducing overheating and minimising the need to use air conditioning. 

Retains heat

Solux Ultra™ reflects the warm air in the home back into the house rather than escaping through the glass, retaining heat by a further 9%*. This reduces the energy needed to keep the home warm in cooler months. 

Maximises natural daylight

The brilliantly neutral colour of Solux Ultra™ sets it apart from other Low-E glass and ensures you enjoy natural light and unblemished views all while delivering improved temperature and fading control. 

Comparing Solux-E® with Solux Ultra™

With advancements in warmth retention, overheating control, and fading reduction, take your home’s comfort a step further with Solux Ultra™.


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