Caring For Your Windows & Doors

Choosing Windowmakers as your partner in bespoke windows and doors, means that you have our total support throughout your project and beyond, here to assist even after the delivery and installation of your windows and doors.

Care & Maintenance

To ensure the appeal of your aluminium windows and doors, effective care, maintenance and cleaning must be carried out throughout your project and beyond.

As damage to surfaces can occur during building construction, care should be taken to protect surfaces during this phase. Cement-based products and welding spatter, for instance, damage surface finishes. It is important to ensure that the joinery is covered until construction is complete.

Windows and doors need regular cleaning to ensure the finish remains in top condition. Wash with a mild liquid detergent in warm water using a soft brush and rinse with fresh water. The joinery and hardware must be cleaned four-monthly in normal environments or monthly in exposed marine or polluted areas. Strong solvent type cleaners should not be used.

If through some misadventure powdercoated aluminium joinery is scratched or damaged, Dulux repair kits are available for most colours. Spray cans can be used on scuffed or scratched powdercoated surfaces while dabsticks are ideally suited for small scratches or chips.

Weathered areas can be restored with the use of Dulux Gloss Up which is a light to medium cutting cream ideally suited for gloss restoration. It has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Further information on the care and maintenance of your windows and doors can be found in our Care & Maintenance for your Windows & Doors booklet. For details on the suitable products and solutions for cleaning your aluminum joinery, please see the Guide to Cleaning Aluminium Products.

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