Our Story.

Windowmakers in Auckland is a premium aluminum joinery fabrication business with over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality doors and windows. Experience that has built a strong reputation for producing quality aluminum joinery that makes buildings better.


"Our builders trust us to enhance their reputation, and together, we strive to deliver a home our clients can take pride in."

— Lance Spalding, General Manager

Lance Spalding has proudly led the Windowmakers team as the General Manager since 2022. A seasoned professional in the realm of construction and project management, Lance joined Windowmakers with a career spanning over two decades in the building industry. He has established himself as a visionary leader with a keen focus on driving excellence and innovation within the industry.

Lance oversees all aspects of the company's operations, from project inception to completion. Under his guidance, Windowmakers has flourished, becoming a trusted name synonymous with quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. He is devoted to maintaining the highest standards of aluminum joinery with service integrity, striving to sustain strong relationships with our ABC clients (architects, builders, consumers) that stand the test of time. This has required a commitment to ensuring that each member of the company is proficient in our seven-step process and familiar with our business objectives, which is crucial for ensuring that all our actions are aligned with providing the best outcomes for our clients.

Windowmakers currently employs a team of nearly 50. One aspect that Lance takes great pride in as the team leader is the team’s passion and enthusiasm for delivering high-quality windows and doors. Additionally, he emphasises the cultivation of a close-knit work environment characterised by effective teamwork—factors that are crucial to Windowmakers' success.

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Our Process.

A completely personalised service building on long term relationships.

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It’s very much a family business.

We have several employees who have been with the company for a decade or more, including second-generation Windowmakers and family duos on the team. This dynamic has shaped us into a truly family-oriented business.

Lance's wife, Catherine, serves as the Office Manager and a core member of the Windowmakers Leadership Team. With a history of working together, Lance and Catherine previously owned their own business in the automotive industry.

Adding to the Windowmakers Leadership Team, we welcome Paul, our Business Development Manager, and Nigel, our Operations Manager. Together, Lance, Catherine, Paul, and Nigel are dedicated to doing what is best for both the business and clients, paving the way for Windowmakers to reach new heights.

This has involved designing, executing, and transitioning to our purpose-built facility in Wainui, which enhances our capacity and opens up avenues for technological and process advances. This ensures that our aluminum joinery products and services not only meet but exceed customer and industry demands.

Our Facility

Our team.

Paul Keen

Paul Keen

Business Development Manager
Nigel Blackbourn

Nigel Blackbourn

Operations Manager
Heidi Johnston

Heidi Johnston

Managing Director
Brandon Child

Brandon Child

Project Manager
Graham Garnett

Graham Garnett

Quality Control and Training
Tiaan Johnston

Tiaan Johnston

Project Manager

Where it all started.

Windowmakers was founded in 2002 by Managing Director Heidi Johnston, based on a foundation of passion and expertise in architecture, engineering, and quality workmanship. The business was initially brought as First Windows and Doors North Harbour before being rebranded as Windowmakers, the name it is known by today.

One of the first priorities was the construction of a new factory and showroom, propelling the company forward and reshaping the industry. Fast forward to 2015, the demand for products and services had outgrown the capacity, leading to the establishment of a second factory in Silverdale. Playing a pivotal influence in the current development of our new facility, the merger of both Silverdale factories into one unified space aims to achieve ultimate business cohesiveness.

Heidi remains dedicated to Windowmakers, continuing her role as the Managing Director, working closely alongside Lance and serving as a key decision-maker on the Windowmakers Advisory Board.

What’s ahead.

As a dynamic and forward-thinking business, we continually seek opportunities to adapt and evolve. Our aim is not only to deliver aluminium joinery solutions that are current to the expectations of our clients and the demands of our industry but to ensure they are future-proof. We view every shift in the business landscape as an opportunity to innovate, improve, and elevate our standards to solidify our position as a leader in the aluminium joinery industry and a trusted partner for your bespoke windows and doors.


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