Window & Door Colour Selection: Dark vs. light for your upcoming project?

Date: 18 Nov 2022

The aluminium joinery colour selection can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing and complementing the style and design of a residential, architectural or commercial build. The colour palette and materials incorporated throughout the remainder of the project must be considered to ensure that the windows and doors best complement these. 

    • For best practice, ensure you consider both interior and exterior design schemes. You may even wish to consider interior furniture to provide a completely harmonious style and design. 

What you should consider when choosing between dark vs. light colours for your aluminium joinery

Dark window and door frames

Dark joinery colours (particularly blacks) provide an aesthetically pleasing and elegant look. Dark window and door frames may feel like they disappear into the glass, which gives a more smooth and flat appearance. They work especially well if materials like wood (i.e. dark timber), concrete, brick, and stone are incorporated throughout the project— you may even consider the materials of desired interior furniture. 

A contrastive look of dark-coloured window and door frames that offset light-coloured exteriors and interiors has long been a popular option, providing a sharp and modern-cool look. Although, please be aware that if the windows and doors throughout the build are not entirely symmetrical in shape and size, the contrast between light and dark may be too heavy. 

It is important to note that dark colours tend to show more dirt and dust than light colours, so they may require more frequent cleaning. Darker colours will absorb more light, meaning that they will be more prone to aging. Although, ensuring regular maintenance will help with their longevity. 

Windowmakers most popular dark colours: 

    • Black
    • Flaxpod
    • Ironsand

Light window and door frames

Light-coloured joinery (think white and cream shades) will provide a clean and seamless look, particularly when it is the same colour as the exterior/interior of the build. Light window and door frame colours can be used to create a contrast by highlighting the window/door unit. 

Light window and door frames will provide more flexibility— if you're wanting to add a pop of colour to furnishings or add decors like art and fabrics, these are best presented in a lighter environment that includes white or cream-based joinery. 

Light colours may also provide increased longevity of the aluminium joinery as the white pigments help to reflect the light, providing the best UV performance that works against wear and tear. 

Windowmakers most popular light colours:

    • Appliance White
    • Titania
    • Warm White Pearl

One thing you must bare in mind when selecting your window and door frame colours is that it's not easy to change the colour of your aluminium joinery and it can be a costly expense. Make sure that you're entirely content with the colour choice, and ensure it suits a range of style tastes to further provide your project with good resale value. Both dark and light neutral colours will provide flexibility for years to come.

See our aluminium window and door colour selection below.

If you're after a pop of colour— consider a bright entrance door. We have a wide range of eye-catching Mannex entrance door colours available, see below.

If you're still uncertain of the aluminium joinery colour for your project, please don't hesitate to be in contact. Our team are experts in their field and more than happy to advise in your decision. 

Window & Door Colour Selection: Dark vs. light for your upcoming project?