Entrance Doors

Entrance doors provide the perfect opportunity to make a lasting first impression for the remainder of your project's design, setting the tone for the entire space. Our aluminum front doors are the smart choice: 

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean 
  • Durable with minimal risk of swelling or warping in damp conditions 
  • Variety of color options 
  • Insulated with a solid, premium-grade foam inner core for ultimate thermal efficiency 
  • Made from aluminum for reliability and high performance in various weather conditions 
  • Multi-lock technologies available to enhance security 
  • Acoustic performance 

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Entrance Doors

Plasma Entrance Doors.

  • Smooth, flat aluminium finish for a minimalist look
  • Customisable options includng entrance door size, dual colour to match interior and exterior and a range of door hardware 
  • Different finishes available include horizontal detailed lines, tongue and groove and glass inserts or cladding
  • A more economical Slimline Plasma version is available, offering the same look with more limited options
  • A thicker commercial grade Plasma is available, a thicker door with extra internal aluminium webbing for enhanced rigidity and durability. Limited customisable options are available.

Glass Plasma Entrance Doors.

  • Clad in 5mm toughened glass sheets with a minimal aluminium edge
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and can be custom matched
  • Available in dual colours for separate interior and exterior choices
  • A flush, flat surface finish for your entrance door

Axis Entrance Doors.

  • Vertical tongue and groove panel design with clean, straight lines
  • Tall heights of up to 2.6m are possible
  • Available finishes include powdercoated or a woodgrain finish

Classic Entrance Doors.

  • Designed with rectangular patterns in either scrolled or contemporary edgings
  • Available with double glazed units set in the entrance door, including arched options
  • Available in dual colour for separate interior and exterior choices

Latitude Entrance Doors.

  • Aluminium clad doors combining tongue and groove boards in either a vertical or horizontal pattern
  • Sturdy frame around the front door panel
  • Customisable options include dual colour schemes, glass inserts, thermal breaks, and a range of entrance door hardware

Lindo Entrance Doors.

  • Highly personalised design for your front door using a plank system
  • Negative detail lines can be used to enhance the design
  • Available in dual colour - interior and exterior choices
  • Potential to incorporate elements of your own design or personal taste

Care and Maintenance.

It is important to follow our care and maintenance tips not only to keep your joinery and hardware looking its best but also to ensure its longevity. Regular upkeep is also required to ensure the validity of your warranty.


Our windows and doors comply with the New Zealand building code. This means our windows and doors have been designed and successfully tested to perform in New Zealandā€™s most diverse conditions.