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Discover our range of aluminum joinery brands, each designed to deliver specialised, high-quality window and door systems tailored to meet the specific requirements of your projects, be it aesthetics, scale, wind exposure, or function.

Residential Series.

Residential Series.

Clean, contemporary lines, smooth surfaces, and strong, generously sized profiles define the Residential Series, designed to be stylish and functional in any home.

Residential Series is our functional, economical, and mainstream collection of aluminium doors and windows designed for everyday living and easy maintenance. 

  • Suggested door height is 2.1m, although doors may be higher based on site conditions 
  • A comprehensive selection of window and door styles, including custom designs 
  • Designed to accommodate the majority of residential building projects
  • Sliding panel/s will serve as the inner panel
  • Flush sill sliding doors ensure a seamless transition for ultimate indoor-outdoor flow 
  • ThermalHEART® frames
Metro Series.

Metro Series.

Metro Series is all about clean lines and flat surfaces, providing a stylish, contemporary, and minimalistic aesthetic. 

As a premier and heavy-duty range of aluminium joinery, Metro Series is well-suited for residential and architectural applications that may be exposed to harsh climates and demanding environments, offering toughness and durability.

  • Suggested door height is 2.4m, although doors may be higher based on site conditions
  • A comprehensive selection of window and door styles, including custom designs
  • Large-sized formats are possible and capable for handling a wide range of weather conditions, engineered to stringent strength requirements
  • Sliding panel/s will serve as the outer panel/s
  • Minimalistic flush sill design maintains the clean-lined theme and assist in indoor-outdoor flow
  • ThermalHEART® frames
  • Compatible with Centrafix™ installation method
APL Architectural Series.

APL Architectural Series.

Meticulously designed, APL Architectural Series features flush surfaces, continuous sightlines, and square-edged forms, seamlessly integrating high-performance aluminium doors and windows with exceptional aesthetic appeal. 

Designed by professionals, for professionals, APL Architectural Series targets architectural houses and apartments, with large formats available.

  • Suggested door height is 2.7m, although doors may be higher based on site conditions
  • A comprehensive selection of window and door styles is available. Maximum sizes allow for large windows and doors to be tailored exclusively for your build, including tall and wide bi-folds
  • Large formats are suitable for most weather and environmental conditions, providing assured strength and versatility 
  • Sliding panel/s can serve as the inner or outer panel/s 
  • Flush sills and easy-glide panels are available for sliding doors, ensuring a seamless transition for indoor-outdoor flow
  • ThermalHEART® frames


ThermalHEART® window and door technology incorporates a polyamide strip in the core of the aluminum window system to deliver almost double the thermal performance. 

Available across our Residential Series, Metro Series, and APL Architectural ranges — all ranges share the same core design principles, allowing for exceptional versatility across the full range of products.

  • Ability to mix and match
  • Clean, modern look
  • Flush sliding door tracks
  • Products to suit all environments and applications
  • Additional air tightness and security
  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Designed and made in New Zealand

The whole window system needs to work together to deliver exceptional thermal efficiency. Combine ThermalHEART aluminium window frames with the other componments of ThermalHeart+, high performance glazing and Centrafix™ installation to create a warmer, drier and healthier homes.

Residential Series ThermalHEART® and Metro Series ThermalHEART® have received the Toitū carbonreduce certification, affirming their commitment to reducing environmental impact in alignment with international standards.