35-50% of a home’s heat is lost from its doors and windows. That's why, in partnership with APL (Architectural Profiles Limited), we are proud to introduce ThermalHeart+. Our range of code-meeting, industry-leading, thermally efficient aluminium joinery products, designed and made right here in New Zealand for exactly how we live.

What is ThermalHeart+?

The entire window system must work together to achieve outstanding energy efficiency. ThermalHeart+ combines the latest developments in door and window technology to nearly double the thermal performance of standard aluminum doors and windows.

Thermally efficient frames with Low-E glass create warmer, drier, and healthier homes for us Kiwis. With the addition of the latest innovative installation method, thermal performance is further increased by 20%.

  • ThermalHEART® thermally-efficient frames
  • The AGP System® Double glazed Low-E glass with argon gas
  • Centrafix™ installation method that aligns all insulation elements to further enhance thermal efficiency.
High quality windows and doors

ThermalHEART® Frames

ThermalHEART® technology can be applied across our range of aluminium joinery suites to combine stylish windows and doors with the latest in thermally broken technology.

What is ThermalHEART®?

Innovative ThermalHEART® window and door technology incorporates a polyamide strip in the core of the aluminum window system. The strip serves as a barrier, effectively separating warm and cold areas to insulate the frame.

Why ThermalHEART®?

Aids in managing the risk of condensation forming

ThermalHEART® can aid in managing the risk of condensation forming, therefore reducing the risk of mould growth.

Separates warm and cold areas

ThermalHEART® minimises heat flow through the frame creating a more stable temperature in your home.

Keeps your home comfortable year-round

ThermalHEART® insulates the window system which helps to keep cool temperatures out in colder months, and decrease solar gain in warmer months, assisting in year-round warmth and comfort.

Thermal performance is almost doubled

ThermalHEART® frames, combined with The AGP System™ glass offers 94.7% improvement of thermal performance compared to standard aluminium windows and doors, creating warmer, drier and healthier homes.

ThermalHEART® ranges

  • Residential Series ThermalHEART®
  • Metro Series ThermalHEART®
  • Metro Series ThermalHEART® with Centrafix™
  • APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART®

The three ranges share the same core design principles to allow for exceptional versatility across the full range of products. All ranges can be used within one project to maintain a clean, modern and consistent look.

Residential Series ThermalHEART® and Metro Series ThermalHEART® have received the Toitū carbonreduce certification, affirming their commitment to reducing environmental impact in alignment with international standards.

Our ranges

Residential Series ThermalHEART® Awning & Casement Windows
Metro Series ThermalHEART® Awning & Casement Windows
APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART®️ Awning & Casement Windows
Residential Series ThermalHEART® Bi-Fold Doors & Windows
Metro Series ThermalHEART® Bi-Fold Doors & Windows
APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART® Bi-Fold Windows and Doors
Residential Series ThermalHEART® Hinged & French Doors
Metro Series ThermalHEART® Hinged & French Doors
APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART® Hinged and French Doors
Residential Series ThermalHEART® Sliding Doors
Metro Series ThermalHEART® Sliding Doors
Residential Series ThermalHEART® Sliding Windows
Metro Series ThermalHEART® Sliding Windows
APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART® Sliding Windows

The AGP System® Glass

The AGP System™ sits right at the heart of our products' thermal performance, working hard to reduce the amount of heat that passes through the glass while still allowing natural light in, thus improving the thermal efficiency of a home.

What is The AGP System®?

The AGP System® is a world-class double-glazed unit, crafted with industry-leading components and technology, each pane of glass undergoes a highly automated precision process to ensure high quality.

What makes up The AGP System®?

ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer®

A warm-edge spacer that bonds the two glass panes of your double-glazed windows and doors and creates an airtight bond to ensure the best gas retention of argon gas used in The AGP System®.

Argon gas

An invisible inert gas which is used as an insulator to create an additional barrier to prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, improving thermal performance.

Solux-E® or Solux Ultra™

Solux-E® and Solux Ultra™ are low emissivity (Low-E) glass coating options, which is virtually invisible and are applied to the inside surface of the exterior glass pane, protecting it from the elements. Both options improve the level of insulation of the home by reflecting the heat back to the inside, reducing winter heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during the summer helping to limit overheating.

How does Solux Ultra™ compare to Solux-E®?

Solux Ultra™ is the perfect blend of clarity, effective heating control, and superior fading protection, promising to maximise the benefits of your glazing.

  • It retains 9% more warmth in the home
  • It provides 23% more control over overheating
  • It results in a 10% increase in the reduction of fading

Due to its superior solar control, Solux Ultra™ is the best choice for homeowners wanting to control overheating and is highly recommended for buildings with higher window-to-wall ratio (WWR).

Bonded to glass and secondary sealant

A continually evolving formulation used to ensure durable bonding between glass panes. This creates an airtight seal for the space between panes, providing additional protection for the primary seal.

What does it do?

  • Blocks excessive heat
  • Complies with the Building Code’s highest R-value
  • Controls fading
  • Reduces heat transfer
  • Replaces traditional aluminium spacer system
  • Retains heat

What are the benefits?

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Healthier home
  • Aesthetics
  • Smaller energy bills
  • Year-round comfort
  • Longevity
  • Gas retention

Centrafix™ Installation

The Centrafix™ installation method is an alternative solution to the New Zealand Building Code standard installation method and a real game changer in thermal performance.

This new BRANZ Appraised installation method minimises thermal losses that normally occur in a typical insulation through recessing the window or door back inside the building wall. This aligns all insulation elements (wall, window frame, glazing) to prevent cold air from circulating around the window and door frames.

Exclusively available in Metro Series ThermalHEART® windows and doors.

What does Centrafix™ do?

Increases the thermal performance in your home by over 20%

This innovative installation method aligns all insulation elements – wall, window frame, glazing – which prevents cold air from circulating around the window and door frames, improving the whole window system’s thermal performance.

Recesses into the building wall

Centrafix™ is designed to safely and efficiently recess a window or door unit from the front face of the cladding back into the building wall, minimising the thermal losses that occur in current installation methods.

Aligns all insulation elements

Recessing the window and door units realigns the insulating elements of the window frame and glazing with the insulation elements of the wall, improving thermal efficiency.

Offers clean, contemporary lines

The joinery perimeter sits flush against the exterior, while the body of the window is recessed, enhancing the contemporary aesthetic of your project.

Complies with the New Zealand Building Code

Centrafix™ is a BRANZ Appraised and Codemark Certified alternative solution to NZBC E2/AS1. 

Offers a Passive House variant

The Centrafix™ window installation system can be specified with higher performance glazing, frames and special insulating elements around and within the window frame to achieve passive house levels of thermal performance.

Completes your thermal window system

Your windows and doors are a complete system with each component (the frames, the Insulated Glazing Unit, the installation) contributing to the overall performance and comfort of your home. By installing your thermally efficient windows and doors using the Centrafix™ method, the thermal performance of a home improves by a further 20%. 

Centrafix™ installation vs. E2/AS1 installation

In E2/AS1 installation (the standard method stipulated in the NZBC), the full face of the frame and glazing panels sits outside the wall and in line with the cladding, fully exposed to the colder external temperatures.

Contrastively, the Centrafix™ installation method has the core of the frame and the glazing panels in line with the wall structure and insulation elements, helping to protect it from external temperatures and prevent the loss of heat through the frame.

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