Discover our diverse selection of aluminium doors that offer a variety selection of styles and configurations to meet the design and functionality requirements for the aluminium joinery in your project.  

Explore our range of aluminium doors, where you can learn about the performance and features of each aluminium door variant. 

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Bi-Folding Doors.

Unlock the full potential of indoor-outdoor living with functional and stylish bifold doors that fold open, creating uninterrupted views and excellent airflow. 

  • Moving panels run on an easy-glide track system and stack onto each other 
  • Suitable for large opening spans— bifold doors open interior and exterior spaces to allow for obstruction-free people circulation 
  • Bifold door sets can include a free-swinging panel for easy access 
  • Some bifold door configurations have a layback option, enabling two panels to fold against the adjoining wall 
  • Bifold doors can be stacked on either one or both sides 

Sliding Doors.

Aluminium sliding doors have earned a reputation as the most versatile and economical door type for accessing the outside environment without intruding on outdoor or living areas. With clean lines, large glass panels, and narrow frames, our aluminium sliding doors maximize the views on offer even when closed. 

  • High-performance roller systems ensure smooth sliding into one another 
  • Robust aluminium door profiles provide strength and stability even in windy areas 
  • Customisable to width and height options 
  • Flush sills facilitate indoor outdoor flow 
  • Option to slide away into a wall cavity or over the exterior to open-up living spaces 
  • Depending on the range, the sliding door panels can be on the inside or outside 

Hinged & French Doors.

Our hinged and French doors guarantee a sleek surface for a modern and clean aesthetic while offering optimal strength and stability. 

  • Open-out and open-in frame configurations available 
  • Single panels are ideal as utility doors, offering convenient access to the outside 
  • French doors are a suitable choice where wide access to decks or gardens is desired 
  • Multi-point locking is available with most hardware options 
  • In brick veneer situations, Parliament hinges are available to allow a full 180 degree opening 

Care and Maintenance.

It is important to follow our care and maintenance tips not only to keep your joinery and hardware looking its best but also to ensure its longevity. Regular upkeep is also required to ensure the validity of your warranty.


Our windows and doors comply with the New Zealand building code. This means our windows and doors have been designed and successfully tested to perform in New Zealand’s most diverse conditions.