Down to the finer details, Takatu

We Kiwis are obsessed with the great outdoors, perhaps because we have so much of it right on our doorstep with coastlines, mountains and bush all within easy commuting distance of our towns and cities.

Beginning in the 1950s, as the emerging middle-class became more mobile and roading infrastructure improved, more and more of us sallied forth from our homes to explore this beautiful land of ours. This resulted in a building boom of baches, cribs and weekenders—often simple in construction and, post-WWII, usually built from humble materials, these structures have worked their way into our collective psyche.

Not surprisingly, this desire for a holiday home of our own has not diminished. However, as construction technologies have improved and overall affluence increased, these properties have become more and more sophisticated.

Which is the case with this holiday home, located an hour north of Auckland on the Tawharanui Peninsula.