Surface Finishes

You’ve thought about the colour you’re after, now you just need to consider the surface to really get the finish you’re after.


Powdercoatings are popular because of the wide colour range available and the proven hard-wearing finish. Their wide use is also enhanced by the availability of high and premium grade powders with advanced weathering capabilities.

A popular colour range is available, which offers a more economical choice because of volume efficiencies. Matt finishes rather than satin finishes have been introduced for most popular colours because of their better resistance to marking and scratching.

A wide choice of powdercoat colours is available. Refer to your Orica powder coating chart, noting that the colour palettes shown in the chart are a printed representation of the powder coat finish and therefore may vary somewhat to the actual extrusion colour.

Duralloy is the most commonly applied powdercoat, and offers a 10 year warranty on film integrity, with 7 years on colour integrity. Duralloy is suitable for applications more than 100 metres from salt water in mild to tropical environments.

A higher specification powdercoating called Duratec should be used in coastal and low-rise commercial applications. Duratec offers a 10 year warranty on both film and colour integrity, Duratec is suitable for applications more than 10 metres from salt water in mild to tropical and some severe environments.

Light colours will tend to retain their appearance better than dark or bright colours.

Over the long term, powdercoatings will slowly degrade with a loss of gloss level apparent more so on external north facing surfaces with darker or brighter coatings, as these tend to absorb more heat and UV radiation.

When judging colour consistency and integrity of finish, the accepted industry standard is inspection from a distance of two metres.

Frost Ultra Anodised

Frost Ultra Anodised is an electrochemical process that builds up a protective layer on the surface of aluminium profiles. The metallic finish that is created does not peel, chip or flake and achieves good protection against heat, moisture, sunlight and atmospheric corrosion.

Silver (natural) is the main colour supplied, though black, bronze and champagne are also available.

Variability of colour, and visible aluminium grain are common features of Frost Ultra Anodised surfaces. These features are part of Frost Ultra Anodised and are not defects in the surface finish.

Frost Ultra Anodised gives a very durable and colour-fast surface finish that has been proven over many decades of use. A 10 year warranty is available on a job specific basis for 25 microns.

When judging colour consistency and integrity of finish, the accepted industry standard is inspection from a distance of two metres.

Care and Maintenance

As damage to surfaces can occur during building construction, care should be taken to protect surfaces during this phase. Cement-based products and welding spatter, for instance, damage surface finishes. It is important to ensure that the joinery is covered until construction is complete.

Windows and doors need regular cleaning to ensure the finish remains in top condition. Wash with a mild liquid detergent in warm water using a soft brush and rinse with fresh water. The joinery and hardware must be cleaned four-monthly in normal environments or monthly in exposed marine or polluted areas. Strong solvent type cleaners should not be used.

If through some misadventure powdercoated aluminium joinery is scratched or damaged, Dulux repair kits are available for most colours. Spray cans can be used on scuffed or scratched powder coated surfaces while dabsticks are ideally suited for small scratches or chips.

Weathered areas can be restored with the use of Dulux Gloss Up which is a light to medium cutting cream ideally suited for gloss restoration. It has been specifically designed for this purpose.