Sliding vs. Bi-Fold Doors: The best choice for you

Date: 7 Sep 2022

Indoor-outdoor flow is the main reason people choose to incorporate sliding or bi-folding doors into their home's design and function. 

The desired benefits of indoor-outdoor flow— natural light, fresh air, view exposure, added entertainment, and extension of the home can all be achieved through the addition of either sliding or bi-fold doors. 

However, sliding and bi-fold doors do share some unique differences— and it is these differences that encourage people to choose one door format over the other. 

There are three things to keep in mind when deciding between sliding and by folding doors: 

  1. The importance of having the doors open completely

  2. Whether the views on offer are worth maximising when the doors are shut

  3. Does the area have added space for bi-folding door panels to be stacked when opened?

Sliding & Bi-folding doors— the difference, benefits, and limitations.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-folding doors consist of two or more hinged panels, we ensure our bi-fold doors have a reliable folding system and easy-moving gliding panels that can be easily stacked to either one side, or both, allowing the doors to open entirely. 

This makes bi-folding doors the only door solution that allows for complete and unobstructed access from inside to outside, and vice versa— creating an effortless and smooth transition that optimises indoor-outdoor flow. And when opened, bi-fold doors offer maximised and uninterrupted views. Free-swinging panels may also be added to bi-folding doors to allow for convenient access without having to open all doors. 

Although, when the doors are shut, the bi-fold panels become more visible and may disturb the views on offer. And it is important to note that extra space is required for when the bi-folds open, where the panels will be stacked. 

Sliding doors

Our sliding doors consist of larger glass panels with clean flush sills that slide seamlessly to either half or two-thirds of their width.

Sliding doors allow for partial opening, meaning the doors can be opened to the extent that suits the weather condition. Our sliding doors provide narrow frames, which means that when shut, views remain uninterrupted and fully maximised. And when open, the sliding panels do not intrude on living or outdoor areas— which can provide a more smooth and more seamless appearance that facilitates indoor and outdoor flow. 

Sliding doors do not open entirely, so they do not offer the same full access between the inside and outside environments as bi-fold doors do. Although, we do offer an option for the panels to slide away into a wall cavity or over the exterior to increase the indoor-outdoor flow and reduce this concern. 

Both doors have their merits, it all comes down to your space and your requirements. If you're looking to increase the indoor-outdoor flow of your upcoming project with sliding or bi-fold doors, get in touch with us and we will use our expertise to provide the best option for you. 

Sliding vs. Bi-Fold Doors: The best choice for you