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Date: 27 March 2020

Think you know about aluminium joinery? Then think again. Forget those dodgy 1970’s odd coloured framed metal windows and take a fresh look at today’s aluminium windows and doors.

Twenty years ago if you were undertaking a building project it is likely that you would have been offered stock standard aluminium doors or windows in a choice of four colours. Now you can choose from a huge variety of design styles and different colour choices to match and enhance your next build.

The increased colour options and customised joinery are one of the many exciting changes seen in aluminium joinery over the last few years. One company that has been at the forefront of change in the industry is Windowmakers. Managing Director, Heidi Johnston has over two decades of experience in the sector and says, “Our builder customers' clients now expect more. They watch ‘Grand Designs’, and read the latest ‘House and Garden’ magazine and get inspiration from all around the world. Standard doesn’t exist anymore. 

We have invested in the latest technology to realise their design dreams. Our high speed electric saws and CNC machinery gives us greater design capabilities, along with the ability to automate our processes and get projects turned around faster.”

Following international trends, the New Zealand building industry has evolved into a customised environment. Kiwis want their houses to look different; they have begun to experiment with design to achieve specific architectural looks. As Auckland’s leading aluminium joinery window and door manufacturer, Windowmakers has experienced at first–hand the continuing changes to design. Johnston comments, “There has been a strong trend towards the look of square and contemporary design in recent years. Many residential builds now include striking windows that would have historically featured in commercial buildings.”

As technology has improved there have been substantial changes to the building code and Kiwis have become more conscious with regard to the products and designs being used within their building projects. There has been an increased awareness around weather tight issues and a strong movement towards creating energy efficient housing.

Johnston concludes, “We have seen significant improvements in aluminium products over the years. There have been major advances in the use of thermal efficiency, this is evident in the ThermalHEART range. It provides excellent thermal properties by incorporating a glass fibre-reinforced nylon insulator or thermal break between the aluminium exterior and interior elements.

We will continue to manufacturer to our customers’ needs. It’s not just about aesthetics, but also technology, quality workmanship and producing products that last a lifetime.”