Back Design Centre visit should be a must-do

Date: 03 February 2020

Given the size of investment a house involves, and how difficult it is to reverse poor decisions once they have - sometimes literally - been set in stone, it is amazing how few people do full and early homework on some critical aspects of the home they expect to live in for years.

The right windows and doors are crucial to the aesthetic integrity of a home, and the overall architectural and design vision. Their quality can markedly add or subtract from the value potential buyers see in a house years down the track.

In Windowmakers' view, it can't be overstated how important it is for customers to consider window joinery and door options as early in the planning process as possible, and how sensible it is for people to visit design centres before making decisions.

Windowmakers are more than happy to provide an added value service for builders and architects customers, with the end goal of achieving the best possible outcome for owners: an exceptional home.

There are a myriad of factor's which should be high on the list of considerations, and an expert on hand at Windowmakers' design centre can discuss things such as:

- special views which need to be captured
- optimum use of natural light, or being in touch with the external environment
- thermal efficiency
- possible use of oversized doors and windows
- the degree of indoor-outdoor flow desired
- sound control
- location factors such as salt spray, high winds, access difficulties
- the quality of specifications required (own home versus rental or investment• )
- automation
- security considerations
- and last, but not least, the budget and timeframe required.

A visit to a reputable company's design centre will give home owners an excellent understanding of the specification options. With glass alone, they should be thinking about double glazing, tints, security and safety, and lamination. With aluminium joinery, included are factors such as thermal efficiency, colour, and finish.

A visit to a design centre is the best way for home owners to ensure the windows, doors and joinery in their new home matches their lifestyle dream.