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Date: 01 March 2020

The poor insulation in many New Zealand homes is never more evident than on days when the sun refuses to show up following a cold winter night. We have had plenty of those lately, and for some people it becomes a test of endurance.

It is a sad reality that a lot of Kiwi families live in a house where the temperature plunges well below the World Health Organisation’s recommended minimum of 18°C. Many migrants find it hard to believe the poor thermal efficiency in older joinery found in houses here. Any warmth retained in the house during the day escapes like a thief into the night, following the natural law that warmth tries to find its way to the cold. An estimated 50 per cent of the heat lost is through glass and joinery.

In summer, when we would like to enjoy the comfort of cooler interiors, warmth tries to flow from the outside in. We can’t win. A brilliant way to achieve efficient insulation is to use the next generation in windows and doors – the Metro Series ThermalHEART – in conjunction with high performance glass double glazing. This is Windowmakers’ recommended solution, and is on display at its Silverdale showroom. 

Clients are delighted when they find out ThermalHEART can be dual colour – they can have a light colour on the inside to match their home’s interior décor, and a colour on the outside to match the house exterior.The type of thermally efficient technology is common in Europe, North America and Asia, but is still under-used here which is unfortunate. Consumers should consider this option when building houses and specifiers – designers and architects – are encouraged to use Windowmakers’ experience and knowledge to help them understand this exciting new joinery technology.

The NZ Building Code H1 Energy Efficiency requires new homes in most parts of New Zealand to demonstrate thermal efficiency of the building envelope. When combined with double-glazing, Metro Series ThermalHEART windows and doors meet contemporary aspirations for energy conservation and comfortable interior temperatures. In terms of thermal efficiency, this new product range rates 20 per cent better than standard double-glazed windows and doors.

Essentially, ThermalHEART products include a glass fibre-reinforced nylon insulator – the thermal break – between the inner and outer layers of aluminium window frames.Clients who have installed ThermalHEART joinery report a reduction in condensation and therefore increased warmth and comfort in winter, and enjoy not having a lounge like a hothouse in summer. The end result is thermal efficiency and lower heating or cooling bills, and reduced noise pollution. But most importantly, it means a comfortable living environment for Kiwi families.