Back Windowmakers continues to invest in the best

Date: 27 February 2015

Windowmakers has just taken delivery of two new exciting pieces of equipment from Italian manufacturer Emmegi. The state-of-the-art trim saw is better, faster and stronger than any other piece of kit available on the market world-wide and has an automatic feed which negates the need for manually processing the aluminium joinery bars.

Its powerful hidden blades cut through metal seamlessly with great speed and accuracy which causes a smooth finish without metal burrs. Output is fast and precise and in terms of health and safety, it is virtually impossible for any mechanical injuries to the machine operator as all of the cutting saws are encased. From a technical viewpoint, it has superior performance to other trim saws, with cutting sheets transferred electronically from the adjoining offices straight to the machine.

The other new addition is the latest in CNC technology. The impressive machine has more tools to do more tasks including drilling for hardware attachments. Production Manager said, “This equipment has revolutionised the aluminium joinery industry. We find it hard to believe that many of our competitors still manufacture by hand. Without a doubt these new machines will increase our capacity as we work faster. Any quality control issues will be a thing of the past. This literally is the face of cutting edge technology, and the more automated the process, the better quality our end product will be.”